When I was trying to start a new release using Maven jgitflow plugin, it always complained about Working tree has uncommitted changes. I checked Git repository using git status -s and it seemed that all changes had been committed. I even tried to use git clean -f -d to clean all untracked files, even though I'm pretty sure that I already configured jgitflow to allow untracked files using <allowUntracked>true</allowUntracked>. But still no luck.

After searching for a while, I found out jgitflow actually has a gitflow log file. The log file is .git\jgitflow.log in your project's directory. After checking the log file, I found out it's caused by case insensitive path on Windows for Git. The momentjs library I'm using has changed the name of readme file from readme.md to README.md. But this change is not detected after I used Bower to update the library due to case insensitive path.

After knowing that, the fix is quite easy. Just use git mv to rename the file, git mv -f moment/readme.md moment/README.md. Then commit the change and jgitflow starts working again.

The key takeaway point here is to remember to check .git\jgitflow.log log file if you have jgitflow issues.